I Was Arrested For Knocking Out A Stranger In A Street Fight- Freezy Macbones

Ghanaian boxer Seth Gyimah, nicknamed Freezy Macbones, has opened up about his arrest by the police after an unfortunate incident that preceded his migration to the United Kingdom (UK).

This was before he opted for boxing as a profession and it happened at Asokore, a town in the Ashanti Region one Christmas, he revealed in an interview on the Delay Show.

This was after he had gone for an interview at the UK High Commission in Accra for a visa.

“After that, I visited my brother and his children during Christmas. I had a beach bike there so I used it to travel to a village at Asokore. On my return home, my bike splashed sand on a car. Four occupants of the car chased me down.”

In an ensuing fight between himself and the four persons, he said he knocked one out and it took the victim days before regaining consciousness.

“We engaged in a fight and I struck one into unconsciousness. I took him about two weeks to speak and I was arrested.”

With the help of the queen mother of Asokore, Macbones was released and the case was settled out of court.

“With the help of the Asokorehemaa, the case was taken from the police and resolved at home. I had to compensate the people.”

He realized he had been granted a six-month visa to the UK with about two months already gone after the dust settled and packed out of the country.

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