I’m Not Impersonating Kuami Eugene – Mophty Legacy Clarifies

Emmanuel Oppong, known by his stage name Mophty Legacy , has emphatically stated that he is not attempting to impersonate Kuami Eugene. Transitioning from a rapper to a singer, Mophty Legacy shared that his initial foray into music began with rap, but he discovered his vocal talents along the way.

“When I started singing, that’s when people began comparing me to Kuami Eugene. They remarked on the similarity in our voices, so I took steps to rebrand myself and avoid any misconceptions of imitation,” he said in an interview on Opemsuo Radio’s Kumasefie with Mr Black.

Mophty went on to explain the origins of his chosen name, attributing it to his fondness for “Mufti” attire during his time in Senior High School.

“In my SHS days, ‘Mufti’ clothing was my signature. Once classes concluded, I would swiftly switch into casual wear. The name ‘Mophty’ became quite popular, and it caught on as my nickname.”

Detailing his musical journey, he shared that it has been marked by challenges.

He acknowledged that while he records music, the hurdles to push it forward, such as financial constraints and music video production, can be formidable. Reflecting on his journey since 2018, he admitted that it hasn’t been an easy ride.

“I’ve amassed a collection of songs, but the obstacle lies in releasing them. I’m someone who prefers to release a song and see it gain popularity before unveiling the next.”

“However, the inability to pair releases with corresponding videos has led to delays. Consequently, I haven’t been able to release as much as I’d like,” he added.

Story by Adwoa S. Danso

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