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If Your Home Was Built Between 1965 And 1973 Do Maintenance-GNFS

Officer for the Ghana National Fire Service, DOIII Peter Addai has educated the public on how to prevent fire outbreak at home


According to him, If your home was built between 1965 and 1973, consider having the aluminum wiring inspected.


“The wall sockets, switches and cable connections installed during this era are frequently problematic because aluminum wiring oxidizes and degrades more quickly than copper wiring. If a complete household rewiring is not an option, copper connector “pigtails” can help mitigate some of the dangers and problems of aluminum wiring.”


“Every homeowner should be acquainted with at least one licensed electrician who can help keep their home wiring system safe. Licensed electricians can help”, he said.


Peter Addai stated, “Don’t run cords under carpeting, bedding, or other combustible materials; also avoid placing cords across doorways or frequently traveled areas. Discard frayed or broken cords and never splice two cords together. Don’t overload outlets or use extension cords in place of outlets. Call an electrician to install additional outlets as a necessity. Ensure plugs fit snugly in outlets to prevent shock and excess heat.



Source: Gloria Opoku

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