ICAG: ‘We Don’t Deliberately Fail Applicants’

The Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG) has rejected claims that it deliberately fails applicants for its Chartered Accounting professional examinations.

According to its President, Professor Williams Atuilik, his outfit is committed to churning out competent professionals, hence, the decision to tighten the examination process.

Speaking at the institute’s 39th Graduation and Admission Ceremony organised in Accra, he said ICAG will continue to exhibit high standards so that the values and ideals are not compromised.

“Those in other parts of the country who often entertain the idea that ICAG deliberately fails people and we’ve set the standard just to frustrate people, I think you should begin to change your mind. It is never the case, it cannot be the case”.

“In fact, the standards are high, and very very rigorous, but if you apply yourself diligently and you do the needful, you will qualify. And your gathering here is a testimony to that fact”, he told the graduates and the invited guests.

The 39th ICAG Graduation and Admission Ceremony saw an alumnus of the University of Ghana with first class honours in Political Science, Richard Nyame, emerged overall best graduating candidate of level 3, after sweeping about three awards.

In an interview with Joy Business, Richard Nyame said sanctions against professionals engaged in unethical accounting practices should go beyond just withdrawal of licences to imprisonment.

“They shouldn’t withdraw our licence, if prosecution can follow it should be done. I mean that will go a long way to deter a lot of people because if you withdraw my licence I mean I can still find other ways to do what I have to do but once you are prosecuted you’re behind bars, you don’t have that freedom to operate”.

“So it should be part of the measures to sanction or discipline anyone who is engaged in such practices”, he added.

Source: JoyNews

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