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Husband Sells House and Moves Wife and 7 Children to Family House

A 32-year-old woman called Mavis Nyamaah aka Ataa from Kenyase Abirem has alleged that her husband with whom she jointly acquired a house has sold their house, moved her together with her 7 children to his family house and bought a car with part of the money.

According to her, she was not even aware of the sale until a friend mentioned it. Her husband did not deny the sale.

When the husband was invited to Masem on Opemsuo Radio, he admitted he was wrong and promised to refund the money to the buyer of the house.

However, after the meeting with the Masem team, he packed Ataa’s belongings to her mother’s house but her mother refused to take the belongings.

The house has been built to the lintle level and so, Ataa bought roofing skeets and other construction materials and fixed one room for herself.

Later, she received a letter from the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service, inviting her for a meeting.

She claims that the first two women at DOVVSU who spoke to her in the presence of her husband expressed shock at her husband’s behaviour but the third woman who was their supervisor told her not to step on the land again since her name is not stated as an owner on the land documents.

“She asked me if my name was on the land documents and i said no. she told me to stop visiting radio stations and go to court rather. I don’t have any lawyer, Masem is my lawyer,” she added.

Ataa cohabited with her husband before marriage and has lived with him for 17 years. She explained how she worked hard to support her husband financially to buy the land to build a house.

She now lives with her husband and seven children in a single room at the family house of her husband.

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