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My Brother has Confiscated my Property – Woman Alleges

Comfort Adwoa Serwaa from Tanoso Anwia Nkwanta has disclosed that, her brother, Kofi Tabiri has confiscated her property.

Appearing on Masem on Opemsuo Radio, she said that she trusted her brother but he had deceived her.

According to her, when she lived and worked as a baker in Tamale, she gave her younger brother GHC140,000,000 to travel abroad, but he was defrauded by a family member. He therefore remained in Accra, and lived in the family house at Darkuman Nyamekye.

Comfort decided to buy a house in Kumasi without informing her husband. On the day the final payment for the house was made, she informed her husband who was unhappy about the secret. She tried to hand over all documents concerning the house to her husband, but he insisted that it should be handed over to Comfort’s elder brother.

Two months later, she asked Kofi to help her buy another house in Accra. He informed her of an uncompleted house at Krokrobite. The owner of the house demanded GHC400,000 to complete the building and a final payment of GHC230,000 was later made before the contract of sale was completed.

She revealed that all monies were paid through his younger brother, and her husband was not aware of the transaction. She never asked her brother to account for monies received.

Subsequently she moved to her house in Accra to enable her children attend a particular school but her husband remained in Tamale. They lived in peace together with other family members in the house until her brother’s girlfriend moved into the house with her baby in 2012. His girlfriend accused her of feeding her children but starving her.

“My brother stopped talking to me. I never took it seriously because he is my younger brother. I took care of him so my younger brother is like my own child,” she said.

She packed her things out of the house in 2013 and enrolled her children in a boarding school.

In 2022, Comfort asked Kofi to leave her house in Accra but he refused.

“My brother said he will not hand over the house to me. Please I need help to get my house back. He says that I should tell him how much I spent on the house so that he pays me back. I am now poor and I cannot afford a lawyer and that is why I am here.” she lamented.

Speaking on Opemsuo Radio, Kofi explained that he will not hand over the house because his sister will sell it. He said his sister spends money on his husband who is sick and married to another woman.

Also, he claimed that he has built his own house, and has no interest in keeping the house, but only wants to protect the future of his sister’s children who will inherit the property.

“My sister wants to sell the house and I will only allow it if she pays back the amount of money I spent in helping to complete the house,” he said.

Comfort however said that she never said she would sell the house and does not intend to sell it.

Their mother, who joined in the conversation confirmed Kofi’s claims that Comfort had once shared the rooms in the house and given part of the house to his family.

The documents of the house still bear Comfort’s name.

The host of Masem, Afia Anima Agyeibi has assured them that peace will soon reign in the family since the show is known for resolving issues.

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