February 27, 2023

Hero Nurse Makes Treacherous Climb To Deliver Vaccines

A Ugandan nurse has won plaudits after making a treacherous climb on an improvised wooden staircase over a ridge to deliver vaccines to children in a remote village in the eastern part of the country.

The nurse, identified as Agnes Nambozo, was filmed making the steep climb on her way to vaccinate children in Masheluse village.

Health Minister Jane Aceng hailed her as “nurse of the year”.

But some Twitter users in the country said the footage was an indictment of the government’s poor record on infrastructure.

“It’s a shame after over 50 years of self-rule citizens have to be subjected to this nonsense,” said Chris Ngaruthi.

“I am very sure she will be a happy person if she is awarded a safe way to reach her people when providing medical care,” said Eve Zalwango.

Source: BBC

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