GHS Discredits Polluted Air Advisory

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has discredited a weather advisory on social media claiming the atmosphere is polluted and recommending the use of nose masks.

The notice attributed the recent change in the atmosphere to “extreme air pollution with dire consequences to health” and cited the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), the Ghana Meteorological Agency and the GHS as the sources of the information.

It further listed “reduced lung function, respiratory infection, inflammation and oxidative stress” as health implications the “polluted” air can have on the health.

It went on to advice the public to use masks, stay indoors, cover food properly, wash fruits well before consumption and stay hydrated.

However, according to the GHS, the communication is fake and must be disregarded.

It noted that such an advisory has not been put out from its end.

“The Service has not released any official statement like the above. Please take Note !!”

The notice which went around on various social media platforms appeared authentic and dumped the public at panic stations due to late or no reaction from the three agencies cited in the fake advisory.

It could be observed that some persons have re-adopted the nose-mask tradition in the open air.

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