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Ghana To Experience High Food Prices Until June Harvest – GAWU

The General Agriculture Workers Union (GAWU) is cautioning the public that prices of food are expected to remain high until the harvest season in June.

This comes after a consistent decline in food inflation over the past six months, reaching 27.1% in January 2024.

The General Secretary of GAWU Edward Kareweh, emphasized that the current situation is attributed to the ongoing lean season of production across the nation, with no region experiencing substantial foodstuff harvests, especially of major crops like maize and rice.

He said, “Well, the price of food will not get better anytime soon. Looking at the country as a whole, we are entering into or are already in the lean season of production and no part of the country is experiencing harvest of foodstuff, particularly the major samples.”

“If we look at maize, it’s not being harvested anywhere in the country. Similarly, rice is also not being harvested unless those in the irrigation areas”, he added.

Mr. Kareweh explained that currently, many parts of the country are facing shortage of rainfall, affecting farming activities, “right now, most parts of the country don’t have enough rain”.

He emphasized that the food available now is from last year’s harvest, which contributes to the sustained high prices.

“During this season, all the foodstuff we are eating is from last year. So don’t expect food prices to come down now.”

Mr. Kareweh outlined his expectations that food prices will continue to rise until the Southern parts of the country begin harvesting around June/July.

“We think that from the middle to the end of March [2024], food prices will increase and stay high like that until we start harvesting around June/July in the Southern parts of the country.”

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