Gh Gospel Artistes Torn over Nathaniel Bassey’s Twi Song Comment

The direction by renowned Nigerian gospel artiste Nathaniel Bassey over choice of dialect, has received attention from across the country, sparking arguments with some Ghanaian gospel artistes adding their thoughts.

Whereas some agree with his counsel, others feel the call of God differs with each Minister.

The Nigerian artiste on Sunday said, inasmuch as his Ghanaian counterparts are anointed by God to minister, they are hindered from reaching the world by language.

He thus suggested they use more of the English language than Twi.

“As a way of instruction, can I plead with Ghanaian music ministers to write songs in English? Yes I know you love your local dialect, Twi etc but there is an anointing on you and the world needs to hear your songs,” he said while performing at the Jesus Christ Encounter event held at the Accra Sports Stadium on Sunday, December 3, 2023.

Why Argue?
For Cwesi Oteng, there is no need to argue over the submission of Nathaniel due to his prominence in the Ministry.

“Nathaniel Bassey admonished Ghanaians to write more songs in English, and that has become an argument in Ghana.

“The person has tasted the goodness of the Lord in global dominance on the matter and tells us the secret, why argue?” the gospel artiste queried.

Differing Gifts and Callings
Meanwhile, musician Joseph Ankrah, also known as Nii Soul, feels the gifts and the calling of God are particular to jurisdiction and thereby the importance of a dialect.

Admitting that the message of the Ebenezer composer is “power”, he noted that gifts and callings are different.

“Please, let’s all understand that our gifts and callings will always differ. So let’s be cautious about how we go about this. Not all messengers must necessarily cross borders. We are all called for different purposes. I know of big Nigerian gospel musicians that are doing music in their native languages and are still functioning, fully in their respective calling. An example is TY Bello.”

He continued, “Be led to what you do, not because you heard someone say so. God called you, you didn’t call yourself. So ask for directions from Him. If the message is meant for you, you will know it and He will guide you through it all without stress.”

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