Organiser Of Shatta Wale Concert In Wolverhampton Surprised By Cancellation

Bizzle Entertainment, the organizer of Shatta Wale concert In Wolverhampton has been taken aback by the concert’s cancellation by Shatta Movement Empire, the promoters of the event.

“We were shocked by the recent public announcement of the cancellation of the event by the management of the Shatta Movement Empire, this came as a surprise to us and to our dedicated audience.”

It reckons that the action amounts to a breach of contract.

“Bizzle Entertainment is committed to the success of every event we undertake, and we want to express our displeasure to the Shatta Movement Empire for that act. This constitutes a breach of the signed contract.”

According to them, the announcement came despite demonstrating commitment with an upfront 50% down payment and meeting all contract requirements.

“We would like to clarify that we have met all requirements of our contract with Shatta Movement Empire and paid an initial 50% down payment of what was agreed in good faith, demonstrating our commitment to this event.”

The agency also disclosed the news got to them just like all others- through the social media.

“It is disheartening that Shatta Movement Empire chose to announce the cancellation of our event on social media without prior communication or notice to us regarding his concerns or demands.”

That notwithstanding, the agency is willing to evaluate all possible options to resolve the issue including rescheduling the event.

“We are currently evaluating all possible options to amicably resolve the issue, including a potential rescheduling of the event or offering refunds to ticket holders. We will keep the public informed of our decisions as soon as possible.”

In a statement on Tuesday, the promoter of the concert said the event scheduled for November 4 at Hangar in Wolverhampton had been cancelled, citing the unfeasibly luxurious demands and requirements specified by Management of the artiste.

“We regret to inform the public that despite best efforts, the promoters have not been able to meet the luxurious demands and requirements specified by Shatta Wale’s management. These demands, while fitting for an artist of his stature, have proven to be logistically and financially challenging for the organization, making it impossible for us to proceed with the event as planned,” it said in a statement.

The promoters explained that the demands were in line with Shatta’s set “gold standard in the music industry” which will provide an outstanding experience for concertgoers.

It stated that “it would be unfair to compromise the quality of the show by attempting to cut corners or reduce our preparation value.”

Apologising for the turn of events, it noted that refunds will be automatically issued to all ticket holders in a few days

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