FDA: Premises of Packaged Water Manufacturers Are Regularly Inspected

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) of Ghana has assured the general public that it conducts periodic market surveillance and product quality analysis of products in circulation on the market.

The assurance follows a survey that revealed that some sachet water contains faeces.

According to the Authority, apart from inspections to grant licences to packaged water manufacturers, it conducts inspections at the premises of such facilities regularly.

“The premises of the manufacturing facilities are regularly inspected using the Authority’s guideline”, a statement from the FDA assured.

Such inspection, the FDA noted, focused on the water, packaging materials and the finished product.

It added that “all inspections are done in accordance with the current codes of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) which are released in accordance with specifications”.

“The production process includes Filtration/Reverse Osmosis which removes extraneous material and UV sterilisation which destroys harmful pathogens which might be present. As part of the registration process by the FDA, the laboratory conducts tests to establish the presence or otherwise of microorganisms which is a critical parameter for drinking water safety”, it explained.

Source: Fuseini

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