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Ejura Probe: Determining who fired at the deceased was possible- Security Analyst

Mr. Adib Sani, a security analyst, has expressed his disappointed in the release of dead bodies to families of victims who died after being shot during the clash between the military and residents of Ejura.
The Medical Superintendent for Ejura Government Hospital, Dr. Mensah Manye revealed that he released the bodies of the dead victims without performing a post-mortem after a crowd had threatened to burn down the hospital.
In an interview with a radio station, Mr. Sani said the Medical Superintendent should have acted in respect to security rather than releasing the bodies to the family.
“But I am also particularly very disappointed that the medical superintendent would not act for security and just hand over the body to them. I do understand the situation in which he found himself but I expected him to be able to preempt that.”
He noted that the fact that the bullets penetrated through the victims’ bodies suggested that a high calibre bullet was used and that the victims were deliberately targeted by the security personnel.
“I am surprised that someone is hit in the back and it penetrated, it can only mean two things; whether he was deliberately targeted for perhaps being at the right place at the wrong time or he was hit by a true bullet.”
“The good thing about forensic is that, with the shell casing it can be used to perform a ballistic test that will determine where the bullet came from, whether it’s from the military, the police or another source.
He noted that there were discrepances in the output of the military and police before the 3-Member Committee.
“According to the security personnel the protestors had a pump action gun but pump action guns don’t use bullets, they use cartridges and those catridges contain what we call pellets so when you fire, it goes a certain distance and then disperses.
“Usually, pellets don’t penetrate, sometimes pellets can hit you and bounce off or get lodged in your body. All of these facts can go into determining whether really this person was hit by the security officers or from another source.”
“…if someone had used a pump action gun, everyone would have noticed because the sound from the pump action gun is so different from a rifle. When it is fired, it is so intimidating. That is why they say it is best for home defence”, he explained.
He believes the military was not truthful in their testimony.
“As far as I am concerned there was no armed person there other than the security officers.
“The police came to say a different thing all together. According to them, they arrested two persons with, I think, two pump action guns. The police categorically said there was no pump action gun fired. The whole thing is riddled in confusion and difusion and sometimes we find it hard to believe” he said. Fuseini

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