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Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister: Warring Countries Have Agreed To Create Safe Passage For Stuck Foreigners

Kwaku Ampratwum, the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has disclosed that the Russian and Ukrainian governments have agreed to create a safe passage for Foreigners stuck in bunkers in Sumy and Kharkiv where the war is at its intensity.

Foreigners, including Ghanaians, remain stuck in underground shelters following the invasion by Russia in Ukraine which has passed a week.

The deputy minister said, “We realised it was very precarious to be able to move them because we tried getting our ambassador to Moscow to intervene to try and move them across because Sumy is quite near to the Russian border, we realised that that will be very unsafe so we started to activate other sources to see if we can reach out to the Ukrainian and the Russian governments to see if they can create a safe passage.”

According to Apratwum, Ghana’s Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia engaged the Russian Ambassador to Ghana to reach out to its government to make way for Ghanaians stuck in the war intensified cities for their evacuation.

Additionally, he said the African Union (AU) appealed to the European Union (EU) to engage the Russians to let out their nationals which have finally been accepted by both of the warring sides.

“The Russian government has agreed to create a safe passage for foreigners who have been caught in Sumy and Khakhiv and in other areas where the intensity of the war is at a very high level. We just have to wait for a couple of days or the next couple of hours.”

He also disclosed that the government has sent money and credited credit cards and accounts of some of the Ghanaian students stuck in bunkers.

Source: Fuseini

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