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ECG To Sue Persons Behind Bush Fires Over Dumsor

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has threatened to take legal action against persons whose bush-burning activities cause damage to electricity poles and distribution lines.

This comes on the back of recent erratic power supply in parts of the country, which has created speculations about the return of the Ghanaian jargon ‘Dumsor’.

The ECG earlier discredited the claims and noted the irregular supply was due to bushfires.

In a notice on January 16, the company urged the public to take precautions when burning bush to avoid damage to their properties.

“The Electricity Company of Ghana Limited has noticed with great concern, activities of uncontrolled bush burning, especially during the harmattan season. This adversely impacts the quality of the power supply.”

“These uncontrolled setting of fire to clear bushes across the country, more often than not, end up burning our electricity poles and distribution lines, causing serious damage to our network system, resulting in outages and inconvenience to our customers. ECG wishes to inform all and sundry to be safety conscious when clearing bushes, and ensure the use of fire belts to prevent uncontrolled bush burning.”

It therefore threatened to sue the culprits.

“Please be informed that ECG reserves the right to seek legal redress against offenders whose activities destroy our installations.”

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