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Clemento Suarez: I am a shy fellow

Comic actor, Clemento Suarez has ruled himself out of stand-up comedy for the time being.
The admired Comedian said he is currently focusing on comic acting due to his natural trait of shyness.
“I am a shy fellow. I cannot do it”, he said on Delay Show.
He noted that he is capable of harming himself if his jokes do not work out.
“Right now, in the course of this interview, if I crack a joke and you do not laugh, there is nothing wrong with that but if I announce I am going to tell jokes and I stand here to do it and you do not laugh, it will bother me a lot.
“I might kill myself from here. I won’t try now. I might do it later in my life”, he said.
Recounting his journey in the industry, he said, “A little of my career began in high school in a drama club. From there I proceeded to Legon where I read a professional course. There was a show every weekend so there was the encouragement to perform.
“I played the role of a tax collector and I played the character of Mac Jordan Amartey in a drama. People got to know I was funny and they wanted me to do a replica in other play.”
Source: Fuseini

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