Building On Waterways Causes Flooding – Stephen Ofori

The Presiding Member for Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, Hon Stephen Ofori, who is also the Assembly Member for Amakom Electoral area in the Ashanti Region, has identified that building in waterways is one amongst human activities that contribute to flooding.
Human activities are a contributing factor to flooding.
“Flooding in the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly has been in existence for some time now.
He said this in an interview on Opemsuo radio’s Morning show Nkwantananso on Friday September 3rd 2021.
“Naturally, there are some rains which causes flooding but moderate rains which causes flooding are always caused by human activities”, he said.
Human activities that contribute to flooding include lack of maintenance of drainage systems, improper disposal of waste etc.
Putting an end to such human activities will increase the nations control over flooding.
In so doing the presiding member advised citizens to seek for permit before putting up buildings so as to prevent blocking waterways.
He added that, regular drainage maintenance can also prevent floods.
He explained that majority of underground drains in Kumasi have been covered so it is not possible to clean such drains when it becomes dirty.
Source: Priscilla Fordjour

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