Audiomack’s “Supporters” Feature For Fans Is Really Absorbing, Artistes Can Earn More – Riley Osei

Entertainment critique and artiste manager, Riley Osei, who is also the CEO of Cubestudio last weekend made an interesting revelation on Opemsuo Radio’s Entertainment programme, Kumasefie.

He stimulated artists to jump on Audiomack and make use of its new feature called the SUPPORTERS, which has been introduced on the Audiomack app as a new revenue stream for artists. This new feature allows supporters of an artist to directly make monetary contributions to them.

Speaking with Mr. Black, the host for Kumasefie, one of the finest entertainment shows in Ghana, Riley explained and encourage artists, especially up-and-coming Musicians to make use of the new feature.

The artist manager and CEO of Cubestudio additionally mentioned that the supporters tier ranges from $0.99 – $4.99 with each amount corresponding to a custom emoji.

Artists then receive notifications each time they receive support from fans through the purchase of emojis. He finally made it known that whiles fans keep making contributions, they will also be recognized as active members of the music community, and artists can directly message them right on Audiomack and offer them perks.

Source: MC Paa Saahene

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