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Animal Right Vrs Human Right- Ursula Owusu Mocks

Minister for Communication and Digitalization, Mrs. Ursula Owusu Ekuful predicted a scuffle between people who find cat meat as delicacy and Animal rights advocates last weekend.
She described cat “eaters” as Human Rights advocates, in reaction to the petition to government by an International Animal Rights Activist to ban trading in cat and dog meat for consumption in the country.
“Dog and cat are not food but loyal companion animals that should be treated with respect, not brutalized and eaten”, Miss Natasha Choolun, the animals right advocate petitioned the government of Ghana.
Mrs. Owusu-Ekuful posted the front page of the Chronicle Newspaper which had a cat and the headline “ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUP PETITIONS GOV’T: BAN CRUEL KILLING & EATING OF ‘JOSEPH'”, occuping more than half of the page.

The MP then predicted the move was going to spike violence with the spellings of violence as “Vawulence”
Attaching a laughing emoji face with tears of joy, she added, “I am just a Technology advocate”.
Below is a screenshot of the post:

Source: Fuseini

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