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Zambia Judge Rescued From ‘Suicide Attempt’

An alleged suicide attempt by a judge in Zambia – who is facing corruption accusations – has been foiled after he was rescued from a river he is said to have thrown himself into.

Wilfred Muma, a high court judge in western Zambia, is currently facing allegations of transferring a land title involving a Zambia Army property in Lusaka to the governing party, which wanted to use it to build its offices.

He has denied the charges in court.

He was arrested two weeks ago but according to Zambia police spokesperson Danny Mwale, the judge on Wednesday went missing after sending “suicide-like” messages to his relatives.

Mr Mwale said police started investigations, leading to the recovery of Mr Muma’s official vehicle, which was found abandoned at the Zambezi Bridge with keys in the ignition.

“Initial investigations indicated that Judge Muma committed suicide by throwing himself in the Zambezi river and around 06:00 hours, Zambia Police Marine officers and members of the public were on site again continuing with the search,” Mr Mwale said in a statement.

The police spokesman said officers received information two hours later that the judge had been rescued by a fisherman who heard him calling for help while clutching grass – and took him to a river island.

He was later ferried using a canoe to the location where he had abandoned his car and was handed to the police, Mr Mwale said.

He was rushed to hospital where he is currently receiving medical attention. Police have opened an inquiry into the matter.



Source: BBC

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