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UN Chief Guterres Arrives In Somali Capital

United Nations Secretary General António Guterres has arrived in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu.

There’s little information on the purpose of his visit.

Local media reports that he is widely expected to address Somalia’s worsening humanitarian situation and show solidarity with its people in their fight against extremism.

The UN estimates that about 8 million people require humanitarian assistance, and a “significant segment” of that population is on the brink of famine after five consecutive failed rainy seasons.

On Islamist insurgency, the Somali government has gained ground in its war with the Al-Shabaab, mainly in central Somalia.

Most of the progress is due to local discontent with the group, which has led to the formation of clan militias who have since built alliances to push back on Al-Shabab, according to the Crisis Group.

Mr Guterrez will meet Somali’s national leaders and a presser is expected from Villa Somalia.

Source: BBC

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