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World Celebrates Impact Of Radio

The world today is celebrating the profound impact of radio in the lives of people and its contribution to shaping the world and minds of people.

The medium that reaches the unreached, regardless of educational background, undoubtedly serves as a source of all forms of information throughout the day and night.

World Radio Day (WRD) was established in 2011 by the Member States of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It was later adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 as an International Day following an extensive consultation process involving all stakeholders.

February 13 was thus chosen to coincide with the creation of United Nations Radio in 1946.

“World Radio Day is an opportunity to celebrate radio as a medium. It is a chance to promote international cooperation between radio broadcasters, to encourage major networks and local radio stations to foster access to information and freedom of expression.

“World Radio Day has a number of objectives, namely: to raise awareness among the general public and the media about the value of public service audio; to encourage decision makers to promote free, independent, pluralistic radio and to strengthen networking and international cooperation between broadcasters,” UNESCO notes.

This year’s celebration is under the theme, “A century informing, entertaining and educating”.

Some journalists from across the world took to X to celebrate their involvement with the medium which is one of the most trusted and used media in the world, according to different international reports.

A South African journalist wrote, “I’ve seen radio transform many lives, here’s to the new generation of South African Radio!”

“Radio has been and still is a powerful medium for communication, connection and entertainment. From breaking news to music, it continues to shape and bridge communities worldwide. Let’s appreciate the impact of radio and its ability to bring us together,” another posted.

“For #WorldRadioDay I chose to revisit my days in Radio, my first experience of broadcasting that would be the beginning of such an insanely exciting experience. Oh man, what a time!” tweeted another.

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