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Short Code Can’t Locate Owner of Misplaced Ghana Card- NCA

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has discredited reports that the *402# short code can be used to locate the owner of a misplaced Ghana Card.

The Authority has thus urged the public to disregard the claims as they are false.

“You cannot locate the owner of a misplaced Ghana Card using the short code, *402#. Please disregard any video which claims to show how to use the short code, *402#, to identify owners of misplaced Ghana Cards.”

According to the NCA, the short code can only be used to identify the owner of a missing Ghana card when it has already been linked to the SIM being used to check.

In May 2023, the NCA introduced a short code that allows users to easily check the number of SIM Cards registered with their Ghana Card.

The code requires users to provide their Ghana Card pin and date of birth for verification, following which an SMS with the list of numbers linked to their Ghana Card will be displayed.

The idea is aimed at ensuring that SIM Cards are registered with valid identification documents, in accordance with regulations as well as help users identify any unknown number(s) linked to their Ghana Card, for which they can request a delinking from their service provider.

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