We’ve been Divorced for Almost 20 years- Yaw Sarpong Clarifies

The founder of the gospel music group Asomafo Band, Yaw Sarpong says it has been almost two decades since his marriage to Adwoa Pinamang, a leading member of the band, came to an end.

Speaking from a prayer centre at Sokoban Ampayoo in the Ashanti Region where he is receiving spiritual treatment for a protracted illness over the weekend, he confirmed he is no longer married to Adwoa.

According to him, it’s been almost 20 years since the unexpected divorce.

“The marriage didn’t go through customarily practice {and that is why I didn’t go through the same procedure for the divorce}. As our relationship advanced from the onset while in Accra, I was asked to buy a bible and ring which I did. When it got to a point she showed no interest in the marriage. She left me and my children to stay in Kumasi,” he said in response to claims that he had not officially divorced Adwoa.

He also confirmed that this happened after he had “recovered” from his first illness.

This comes amid a row sparked by Adwoa after she sought help from a Kumasi-based radio station to recover her husband.

Pouring out her frustration on the show last week, she claimed Maame Tiwaa, another member of the band who is currently giving healthcare support to Yaw Sarpong at the prayer centre, had taken over her rightful place in her husband’s life.

“We had been married for 40 years. Suddenly he was stricken by an illness which got him admitted to KATH. Once he told me his sisters were taking him to Sokoban for recuperation at a prayer centre. He asked me to stay behind at home. Together with my father we hesitantly left. Once I took the bold decision to find out where he was taken only for me to find Tiwaa by his side. She was my aide. I took her into my home and stayed with her for 13 years.”

Adwoa questioned why Tiwaa had to take her rightful place while the family of her husband continued to claim she had been divorced despite not going through the laid down customary practice.

“Each one of his family members tells me he has divorced me. But then it wasn’t done customarily. I don’t understand what is going on.”

“What pained me was that we went to Accra and heard about Bawumia’s donation. I suggested we complete a building he has started with some of the money but his family has opposed it.”

The couple has since taken over centre stage in public discourse with a myriad of views being suggested.

Whereas some assume Adwoa is only after the GHC100,000 Vice president Dr Mahamudu Bawumia donated to the musician a few weeks ago, others are faulting Maame Tiwaa for snatching away Adwoa’s husband.


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