March 28, 2023

VP Harris Delivers Lecture At Independence Square

The visiting United States vice President, Kamala Harris touched three key areas in her lecture at the Independence Square on the second day of her visit to Ghana.


Women empowerment, Digital inclusion and Good governance and democracy formed the basis of her lecture which she said will create the atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship on the continent of Africa and in the world.


In her speech, she indicated that innovation in Africa is shaping the world in the field of Technology, Science, Agriculture and clean energy.


But before these potential can be fully realised on the African continent, she said women empowerment, digital inclusion and good governance must be upheld.


Women Empowerment

Harris noted that women have the potential to create new innovations that will unlock new jobs, industries and exponential growth to economies, however, gender disparities is hampering it.


She said women around the world must be able to fully participate on economic, political and social life as well as in leadership roles.


It is a key to maximising global growth and opportunity, however we see gender disparities around the world including the United States”, she said.


Digital Economy

On digital services, the vice President underscored its need in 21st Century.


This, she said, can be achieved through expanding access to the internet which will subsequently drive growth and create opportunity for innovation.


The United state will double down on our effort to mobilise billions of dollars in public and private capital from the United States to the Continent of Africa and around the world to expand access with the benefit of all people here on the continent”.


She said the US government will create the needed partnership to unleash growth that the private and public sector cannot unleash on its own.


Good Governance And Democracy

Good governance delivers predictability, stability and rule of law which is what businesses need to invest and what benefits all in society. Good governance is a key attribute of a good democracy.”


Freedom, opportunity transparency and accountability for free and fair elections, orderly transition of power and the protection of fundamental human rights. Indeed this is a priority of the American people and a global priority”, she said.


She held that innovation thrives with democracy.



Source: Fuseini

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