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Tunisia Leader’s Remarks Against Migrants Criticised

Tunisian President Kais Saied has called for “emergency measures” to be taken against large numbers of irregular migrants from sub-Saharan Africa.

Mr Saied is quoted as saying that the influx of migrants was aimed at changing the country’s democratic make-up, in remarks criticised by rights groups as racist.

“The undeclared goal of the successive waves of illegal immigration is to consider Tunisia a purely African country that has no affiliation to the Arab and Islamic nations,” the Reuters news agency quotes him as saying.

The president spoke at a meeting with the country’s national security council on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights termed Mr Saied’s remarks “a racist approach just like the campaigns in Europe… the presidential campaign aims to create an imaginary enemy for Tunisians to distract them from their basic problems”.

Tunisia is a key transit point for migrants and refugees seeking to move to Europe.

This month, dozens of migrants have been detained by Tunisian authorities in a crackdown.

Source: BBC

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