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Davido Gets “Needed” Prayers After Rewarding Lady $10k For Returning Missing $70k To Owner

Nigerian musician Davido has described a prayer by a lady he gifted $10,000 as a necessary one.

The musician who lost his son last year made the donation after the lady- said to be a worker at one hotel in Lagos- returned a huge sum of “missing” money its owner.

Her commendable deed was reported by a Nigerian Music Executive and Talent Manager, Dami Adenuga, on Sunday, July 23 on Twitter.

The tweet read, “A staff of, Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary, has returned misplaced $70,000 to a customer in Lagos. Honest Nigerians in difficult times like this are rare. This woman is a gem ❤️”

Davido responded to the tweet by enquiring about her where-about after retweeting Adenuga’s post.

“Find her for me … I donate $10k,” he captioned.

In another tweet, Davido posted a video call with the lady in which she made prayers for him in appreciation of his gift.

“Thank you, sir. Jesus Christ, I’m overwhelmed. Thank you…God will take you to places… For this thing you have done anyone that tries to bring you down will go down to the pit of hell because the word of God says he that helpeth He will stand for that person for life. Nothing will harm you,” she prayed.

In a caption, the singer said, “needed that prayer.”

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