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The Issue Of Terrorism Is Closer To Us- Security and Fraud Consultant.

Security and Fraud Consultant, Mr. Richard Kumadoe has called on security personnel to wake up and be responsible in discharging their duties.
In an interview with a local radio station, Mr. Kumadoe advised security personnel to take off political party colours.
“There are people in Burkina Faso recruiting our people. There was news of a Ghanaian engaged in terrorism in another country, this guy is from the Northern part of Ghana.”
“The people who are dying as a result of gruesome murder are also from the North. Ahmed Suale was from the North. People are reading psychological meanings into all these.”
“When we are not careful, these guys will read psychological meanings into all these. When careful is not taken these guys will become so vulnerable and nobody is coming to their aid and they will join those groups.”
“When they join those groups with the intention of fighting for their country, they will become a security threat to the nation. That is why we need to wake up to be responsible because the issue of terrorism is closer to us.”
“The President confirmed this when he launched the National Security Policy.”
“I’m pleading with the police to take away partisanship. Law enforcement officers, Ghana is your only political party. Take away partisanship and be professional and objective”, he pleaded.
Source: Fuseini

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