The Bigger Dream is to Use Local Sounds to Reach Grammys Like Burna Boy – Phrimpong

Phrimpong, a Ghanaian singer and rapper, has revealed his ambitions to reach the Grammy Awards, just like Burna Boy, by utilizing local sounds.

In an interview on Opemsuo Radio’s Oseikrom Kwanso with Mac de President, he shared that while winning an award at the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA) is a short-term goal, his bigger dream is to take Hiplife and Highlife to the global stage.

“The dream is where Burna Boy passed, like, using local sounds to reach Grammys and even fill Tottenham Stadium. That is the target, but we can’t go there without being at the TGMAs. Short-term goal is TGMA, but the dream is years to come, where Burna picked local sounds and used them to make his music reach that height. Some of us will be able to take the local Highlife sound, the Hiplife sound, and take it there.”

The artiste also revealed that he hopes to grab an award an the TGMA next year, 2025 just like his colleague KIng Paluta who after being an underground artiste for 15 years won New Ariste of the Year award.

“I was there during the TGMA awards rehearsals. I told Andy Dosty that next year, I am climbing the stage, so next year, if God permits, everyone will hear of me. .. I was speaking on one radio station, and I said that of all the awards, the most fulfilling one is that of King Paluta, because he suffered in the business.”

Phrimpong has released his latest single, “Obiaa”. Translated to “everyone” in the Akan language. “Obiaa” serves as a powerful anthem of resilience and collaboration, featuring talented RGM Wonder, who matches Phrimpong’s verse with equal depth and skill.

Story by Adwoa Serwaa Danso

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