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Steps To Follow In Importing Or Exporting A Dead Body

Relatives of deceased foreigners sometimes decide to hold their burial in the country of origin and that will require the importation or exportation of the corpse.


A clear example was when Ghanaian international football player resident in Turkey, Christian Atsu, died in an earthquake and had his remains airlifted into the country for the one-week celebration and yet-to-be-held funeral.


The Ministry of Interior has centred its second edition of The Interior Education Drive (TIED) on the repatriation of corps to or from the country.


In such instances, there are six things to be submitted by relatives of the deceased.


The applicant will have to submit an application letter addressed to the Ministry of Interior, a certificate of embalming, a death certificate, an autopsy report, a Metropolitan/Municipal/District certificate of death and a processing fee of GHC200.


After receiving the application, the Ministry will review and communicate the outcome of the application to the applicant.


This may take a day or at most two days depending on the situation, according to the Ministry.



Source: Fuseini

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