Stand-a-thon: Patrick Amenuvor Quits Record Attempt

A Ghanaian man who began a standing marathon to set a world record has abandoned the ambition after compromising the integrity of the challenge.

Patrick Amenuvor quit the attempt on the same day he set out to the surprise of the world after garnering popularity in the country and beyond.

In a press statement, his management said the decision to end it four hours into the challenge emanated from some rules he broke.

“Due to my integrity and desire to win by fair play, I wish to inform all of my intention to stop my OFFICIAL STAND-A-THON attempt due to some rules I’ve broken which might sabotage my efforts to break the record.

“At this point, I deem it fit to get back with my team to review our attempt so far and make sure to avoid any errors that may hinder my future attempt.”

Expressing his appreciation to his supporters, Amenuvor promised to return to the challenge. He will communicate a new date and time to set out.

“STAND-A-THON is a dream that I’m not sleeping on. A new date will be communicated via all my social media pages. Thank you, Ghana for the support.”

The photographer and content creator earlier announced his desire to go seven days on his feet beginning on January 14.

The current record is held by Akshinthala Seshu Babu who stood for 37 hours in January 2015.

It comes after Afua Asantewaa Aduonum and Failatu Razak respectively completed attempts for the longest singing marathon by an individual and the longest cooking marathon by an individual yet to be certified by Guinness World Record (GWR).

Some social media users have reacted to the news by poking fun and creating humour out of it.

One commented, “Dem say Patrick Amenuvor run from the Stand-A-Thon o, he no fit.”

“I hear Patrick Amenuvor is a Barcelona fan. This guy sorrowed
yesterday, jeez,” another added.

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