Speech-a-thon Marks my Rebirth- Adu Safowaa

Media personality Regina Adu Safowaa in an in-depth conversation has shared the incentive behind her longest speech by an individual attempt.

According to her, the attempt characterized her rebirth out of her previously known controversial personality.

Recounting her fall from fame years back, she listed her achievements before joining the world of controversies.

“I saw fame in 2015 via ‘Adonko Fa Me Ko’. That same year, I had the opportunity to win Best New Actress in Entertainment in Nigeria. From then, I got ambassadorial deals and so many opportunities.”

“In 2015, I had the opportunity to MC almost every great man’s Doctorate Degree in this country and these were people I could have opportunities,” she told Berla Mundi on the Day Show.

She said she took pleasure in entangling herself in controversies which put her in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, costing her opportunities and ambassadorial deals.

“Along the way, I diverted into controversy and I lost almost everything that I had built. In the world of controversy, nobody wants to associate with you. Almost every week I was trending in Ghana and Africa from one issue to another. I have lost everything…because people were like ‘she talks too much’.”

To her, the Speech-a-thon posed the right opportunity to mark the beginning of a fresh leaf after a contemplation of how to reset her life to default.

“I took a journey on rebirth. This was going on the longest speech with the Guinness World Record. If I’m able to go through that opportunity, I will use it to refine myself and get back the opportunities I lost.”

The media personality set out on the journey to break the world record in speech delivery and set a new one on Friday, February 9, 2024, and officially ended it on Thursday, February 15, 2024, at 4: 05 am.

She did 13 hours of speaking in Twi, English and French over a period of seven days with calculated breaks at the La Palm Royal Beach in Accra.

Her attempt is aimed at breaking the record set by motivational speaker Ananta Ram KC from Nepal in 2018. He set a speech-a-thon record of 90 hours and 2 minutes.


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