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Sofoline Interchange Now A Forest.

Weeds have devoured the Sofoline interchange in the South Suntreso electoral area in the Ashanti Region.
Residents say the state of the site has made it a place for open defecation for many, a hidding place for armed robbers, squatters and a breeding place for snakes.
While taking footages of the site, Opemsuo radio’s Kwame Adu Gyamfi reports he was approached by a man who sought for permission to defacate in the bush.
“It has become a breeding place for snakes. My house is just around. Thieves also hide in the bush. We live here with snakes and thieves. Just yesterday, a snake entered my house. We kill snakes everyday. People have turned this place into a refuse dump”, a resident lamented.
“You need to get an escort when passing by this place. A lady was stabbed here by robbers while she was passing by. Few months ago, I came to find a naked lady here. She had been drugged and raped. We even thought she was dead. We took her to the hospital and found out she was alive”, another resident revealed.
The Assembly Member of the Electoral Area sided with the residents and said he has written to all authorities about it but haven’t seen any development.
“The site has also turned into a slum. I was told by the environmental sub committee under KMA that the makeshift structures were being occupied by people working on the interchange. They gave us a month to relocate them but it’s been six months now, they are still there.”
“I have seen a couple living there too. They are there with their children. How can a worker relocate with his family? The couple have planted plantain there, under the overhead”, Honourable Kwame Asafo Agyei, the Assembly Member of the Electoral Area disclosed.
Source: Fuseini

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