SLIMFIT Mineral Water Is Unregistered- FDA

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has warned the public against the consumption of a brand of mineral water called SLIMFIT on the Ghanaian market.

Distinguishing between Twellium Industrial’s SLEMFIT mineral water and the flagged product, the Authority noted that the latter is unregistered.

“The attention of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has been drawn to the circulation of a pictorial image of an unregistered bottled mineral water, SLIMFIT mineral water, on the Ghanaian market.

“The brand registered by the FDA is SLEMFIT (mineral water and purified water) produced by the Twellium Industrial Company Limited,” it said in a statement.

The FDA says it is taking steps to get rid of the products from the market immediately.

“The FDA wishes to assure the public that its surveillance teams are monitoring the markets to remove the unregistered SLIMFIT mineral water from trade and also to find the producers and distributors.”

Meanwhile, the public has been advised against consuming it.

“The FDA takes this opportunity to advise the public not to patronise unregistered products as their safety and quality cannot be ascertained. Therefore, this publication is urging all consumers to be vigilant when buying packaged products and report any suspicious products to the FDA for the necessary regulatory action to be taken.”

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