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Self-styled “Otumfuo” Private Investigator Busted

The cover of a middle-aged man carrying himself out as chief private investigator of Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has been blown following his malicious activities.

Identified as Kwadwo Amoah Ampem he was busted by the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) following complaints by traditional authorities in Asanteman.

The culprit who also carries himself as a fetish priest and the Executive Director for “Corruption Combat International” is alleged to have peddled disparaging and denigrating comments about some seven nobles of Asantehene, citing public ire for them in the process.

He is said to have marshalled all available mediums including traditional and social media in defaming traditional authorities such as Otumfuo Buabasa Nana Aduboffuor Kwaw II, Pakyi number 1hene, Adumakaasekesehene, Sabronumhene, Donyinahene, Asutwehene and Jachiehene, falsely accusing them of engaging in illegal mining, illegal sale of land, multiple sale of land, embezzlement of funds, among others.

The suspect, following his arrest upon complaints to the NIB, was led to a traditional court headed by Otumfuo Saamanhene Nana Osei Kwaku III on Thursday, May 16, 2024, where all the victims were allowed to make their cases along with their evidence.

According to some of the victims, Amoah Ampem went to their abode, claiming he was sanctioned by Otumfuo to undertake some investigations.

At other times, he went about as a fetish priest and when he was once caught in his lies, he claimed he was a twin.

Upon interrogation by the traditional court, he admitted to lying about being a twin as well as being a private investigator.

Despite insisting on being a fetish priest and serving three different deities, Amoah Ampem confessed to never undergoing tutelage for priestship.

Samaanhene thus stated, “People chosen by Tano to serve them are brought to Otumfuo for onward training. Therefore no one can be called a fetish priest of that deity without training. Additionally, no one can hold himself out as a fetish priest anywhere without undergoing training.”

In the case of Otumfuo Buabasa whom Amoampem accused of conniving with the chief of Pakyi number 1 to take GHC1.5 million from some illegal miners, he admitted to not independently verifying the facts of the matter after the intelligence.

“I was approached by Abusuapanin of Pakyi who accused the chief and Buabasa of engaging in illegal mining. I visited the site to find illegal miners actively engaged in the activity and came back to write a petition to the chief and Otumfuo with my letterhead. I didn’t cook the allegations, it was based on statements by some people in the town…I did not go to Buabasa for his side of the matter.”

He thus apologized to all his victims for his actions.

Addressing the press after the hearing, Otumfuo Kyeame Kwaku Wusu announced the suspect would be handed back to the police to face justice.

“This press conference is being held because this man decided to use the name of Otumfuo to peddle illicit activities. He says he is Ateakosua deity’s fetish priest, he also serves Abago deity. He was asked if he had been trained as a fetish priest and he said no. He thus defamed the noble chiefs of Otumfuo.

“He goes about boldly speaking lies to make a living. He also illegally engaged in some rites. He has eventually denied being the chief investigator of Otumfuo… Through his ventures, he slept with married women. We have been monitoring him for a while now…We want to deter others from imitating. He will be handed over to the police and taken to court for prosecution.”

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