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Rich Couple Mysteriously Found Dead In Home With Kids Unconscious

Police at Abuakwa in the Ashanti Region are looking into the strange circumstances that led a man to keep his wife’s dead body in their flat for several months.

The man’s body was also discovered by police in the family’s bathroom, sitting on the toilet.

Two children of the couple, aged 11 and 13, were also rescued in an unconscious state.

The Jacksons, a well-to-do family, lived in a rented apartment at Maakro Plot 10 after the family relocated from the Netherlands about seven years ago.

They never socialised with other residents, as they live independently.

The last time co-tenants saw the family was somewhere in May when the Jacksons’ returned home, parked their unregistered Ford Expedition car, and climbed upstairs to their apartment.

But after several months of not hearing nor seeing the Jacksons, the livid neighbours lodged a complaint with the Abuakwa police.

The body of Mrs. Ernestina Jackson was found in a decomposing state. Police found out that her husband, also late, Samuel Jackson tried to preserve her body at home by putting ice packs on the body which was wrapped in a blanket.

Police suspect Mrs. Jackson died about 3-months ago.

Again, the body of her 48-year-old husband was also found in the family’s bathroom, sitting on the toilet.

It is not clear what led to the death of the love birds who do not socialise with their neighbours.

Their two children were also found in an unconscious state. They were locked up without food and water in the two-bedroom apartment for days with the decomposing bodies of their dead parents.

The traumatised children of the deceased are currently on admission at the Abuakwa Polyclinic.

Medical Superintendent at the Polyclinic, Dr. Mensah Manye, says the children were brought in “very weak and dehydrated”.

“It was a long month of traumatization in which from what I gathered from the police; they were locked up in a room like for months.

The extent of the decomposition and the odour of the smell is not the best.

But I understand the man put an ice pack on the woman on the floor. That one too I can’t tell what he was trying to do and he himself died in the washroom whilst going to toilet,” he added.

Police say it has been difficult connecting with the families of the deceased.

The children have been referred to the Social Welfare Department.

Meanwhile, Dr. Manye is recommending psychotherapy support for the children.

“The elderly one can not still talk well. I don’t know if it’s because of the trauma. Maybe some psychologist may come in to actually talk to them before they can get out of that situation,” he said.

Source: JoyNews

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