“Repented” Moesha Discloses Plans To Be A Stripper

Ghanaian socialite, Moesha Boduong has announced plans to become an exotic dancer.

It is unknown when she plans to begin this life, however, she wants to take on that “career” in the United States of America (USA).

She disclosed this in an interview with Delay.

“I really wanna leave this country and direct my brand to the US because I get invitations to go to the US for a lot of events. I want to build my brand to be an exotic, sexy dancer to make money off that”, the self-acclaimed repented former actress said.

In addition to that, she said, she will continue as a brand ambassador.

“That’s not the only thing I want to be a brand ambassador as well. I’ve been influencing a lot of products on my page and everyone knows when Moesha signs or anyone signs Moesha your business goes international”.

In 2021, Moesha was captured in a viral video in a Church thanking God for saving her life- apparently, she had given her life to Christ- and making promises to advocate Christ.

After that, she was spotted in a series of videos confessing to her sins, apologising to young Ghanaians and evangelising about Christ.

In one of the videos, she is quoted to have said, “I don’t have anything in my account again, my car, I have sold it, I pick Bolt, I don’t have anything, I have given everything, see me the way I am looking but me looking like this, I am happier than those days that you’d see me driving Range Rover and travelling around. I was not happy”.

Speculations indicated that she was suffering from mental disorders triggered by a drugged drink she took but the socialite trashed that in her interview with Delay.

Recounting how she got touched by God, she said, “I was in a relationship with someone I wasn’t supposed to be with and I went to Victoria Michael’s brother’s church and I felt the presence of God and it was so deep. I never felt like that in any church before”.

Before her “encounter with God” at the church, she said she “had some few drinks with some friends that made me see things in a different way. I was seeing so many things that were not making sense to me and all of a sudden I just started weeping and I felt this spirit all over my body and all of a sudden I started feeling closer to God and God kept making me feel powerful and special and I started speaking about God… and I just knew that God was inside me”.

She admitted the drinks had hard drugs- something she claimed she realised later- but emphasised, “the drink didn’t make God touch me”.

In the course of her “tantrums”, she said, she burned some money she had in her house and gave out some of her belongings at the instruction of God.

Of late, Moesha has been spotted in video clips seductively dancing public places.

In reaction to this, she said, “I have to pray and party. I’m a socialite and I make money from partying”.

After the interview, she posted a picture of herself and Delay on Instagram captioned “God made me love this interview with @delayghana and can’t wait for the world to know how I have changed over the years.😊😊😊😊”


Source: opemsuo.com/Hajara Fuseini

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