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Our Peace Cannot be Traded For Anything- Sampahene

The Paramount Chief of the Sampa Traditional Area, Nana Samgba Gyafia Il, has called on security agencies to expedite a thorough investigation into the cause of last Friday’s clashes at Sampa in the Jaman North District in the Bono Region, noting the security in the area cannot be exchanged for anything.

In a statement on April 1, the legitimate Paramount chief of the area expressed worry over the incident which claimed four lives and maimed several others.

“I am saddened and worried at the turn up of events in Sampa on Good Friday, 29th of March, 2024,” he stated as he promulgated his commitment to the path of peace and peaceful co-existence of all communities and people within the Sampa Traditional Area.

“I condemn any act of violence wherever expressed by whom and in whatever form, as doing so, will tarnish the image of the Traditional Area and deprive the area of its fair share of development.”

He further urged the police and other security agencies responsible for probing the fatal incident to do so “without fear or favour because the peace of the Traditional Area CANNOT be traded for ANYTHING”.

Nana Samgba Gyafia Il, calling for peace and harmony, challenged the youth to rather channel their energy into viable ventures that would attract development rather than destroy lives and properties.

Additionally, he called for calm among residents and the business community in the area, assuring them of the needed conducive atmosphere for their smooth operation.

“I wish to use this opportunity to call on people of the Traditional Area to remain calm and avoid any act that might cause further destruction of life and property.

“I also call on the business community to remain calm and continue doing their business within the Traditional Area. The Security agencies are capable of providing and maintaining the peace you require for your businesses. What happened on Good Friday was unfortunate, and measures are being put in place to prevent such occurrence again.”

Meanwhile, he reached out in his statement to families of the deceased and maimed assuring them of justice.

“There is NO justification for killing ANYONE. Those who lost their relatives, my heart and that of the Traditional Council are with you. We wish those who were injured a speedy recovery. Most importantly, the Security agencies will investigate and bring the perpetrators to book.”

The conflict in the area, according to reports, was inflamed when emissaries sent by Nana Gyafla and another claimant to the Sampa stool clashed during the collection of cashew royalties from the purchasing companies in the area.

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