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Nkwantananso Host George Opoku Mensah dazzles Amaliba In A Blockbuster Interview

Enterprising morning show host, George Opoku Mensah, known in the media landscape as ‘Agudey ‘, on Tuesday morning took Amaliba to the naked wire causing him to end his interview abruptly.

Agudey has throughout his career punctuated his work with accuracy, shrewdness, objectivity and thought-provoking questions to unravel information to right the wrongs to speed up development.

The fast-growing Political host, again, has over the years worked relentlessly to protect his platform from being used as a conduit for making derogatory remarks and nefarious agenda.

Unlike many Morning show, Opemsuo radio morning show has distinguished itself in only promoting and giving prominence to issues of national interest and the development of Asanteman.

While discharging his usual duties in a prismatic fashion, he was unjustifiably accused by a member of the opposition NDC party legal team, Lawyer Abraham Amaliba, of not being able to criticize New Patriotic Party when they were in opposition calling the then Electoral Commission Chairperson, Charlotte Osei names.

This cropped up when the up-to-date host quizzed why some NDC members are aiming to deal with certain public head of institutions like Mrs. Jean Mensah and some Police personnel.

Agudey who didn’t take the accusation lightly asked Lawyer Amaliba to back his claim with evidence but the Lawyer could not substantiate his malicious claims against the hardworking morning show host until the call dropped.

“I don’t know why you are worried about what the NDC is saying, but when the NPP was in opposition and vilifying and threatening Charlotte Osei to remove her, that time you were not asking some of these questions.

“We are going to add you to the likes of Mensah Otabil, Palmer Buckle and Osei Bonsu who were loud when NDC was in power but quite now.” Amaliba accused.
The Nkwantananso host kept his name unsullied since the lawyer failed to back his claims with evidence.

Source: / Sasu Danquah.

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