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No Baby Died As A Result Of Dumsor- Tema General Hospital

The Tema General Hospital has discredited media reports that a premature baby was lost as a result of an erratic power supply.

In a statement, the hospital admitted that though it experienced a power outage on March 26, 2024, with a generator set to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) tripping off, electricians quickly attended to salvage the situation.

“It must be emphasized that power was restored within two hours by the electricians at the Facility. It is worth noting that no lives were lost as a result of this power outage,” it said in a statement released on March 27.

It further gave assurances of its prioritization of the health and safety of its patients at the core of its business.

The hospital came into the news after a viral video of the extent of the power outage on babies in incubators went viral.

The person who took the video mulled over the impact the situation would have on the babies if the blackout tarried as she said the transmission of oxygen to the babies had been hindered by the absence of electricity.

Meanwhile, a 22-year-old mother alleges she lost her baby due to Tuesday night’s situation.

In an interview which has since gone viral, she told TV3, “I was supposed to go and visit my child around 4 am. When I went there, I couldn’t find my child and the doctor told me to wait outside so I was outside when he came to tell me the child had died due to the light out last night.”

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