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Nigeria Police Say “No Gree For Anybody” Slogan Is Dangerous

Nigeria’s security sector has flagged a popular catchphrase that has found itself in the social media mainstream and deemed as the slogan for the year 2024.

According to the security agency, it is dangerous.

The phrase “No Gree for Anybody” commonly used on various social media platforms, especially by Ghanaians and Nigerians has gained popularity among the young generation.

The phrase means “put yourself first this year, try and be considerate to yourself” as defined by medium.

Though it is used casually, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) posits that there is more to it.

Speaking at a press conference in a viral video, a Nigerian police spokesperson said the slang has an insurgence intent and emanates from a revolutionary sector.

“The new slogan for 2024 for our young ones is no go gree for anybody. We have been informed by our intelligence that this slogan is coming from a revolutionary sector that may likely cause problems across the country.”

“ ‘No go gree for anybody’ is being seen as a normal talk but in security business, the security community has seen it as very dangerous slogan that can trigger causes.”

However, the warning has been widely downplayed by users on social media.

“They should go and teach their officers how to be professionals. Very soon, the stickers will be out. We nor go gree for anyone,” one wrote.

“We no go still gree even for police,” commented another.

In his comment, one other decoded, “If police wan collect bribe and you no gree for am, e go trigger am. I understand.”

“So Nigeria police sef no wan gree, for who no wan gree this 2024”

“The so-called intelligence didn’t get any info on the plethora of attacks and massacres rippling around the middle belt but have picked up on a quote that is abundantly ubiquitous on the internet and wants to act on it. An abysmal lack of priorities and what’s important. Shame.”


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