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NEDCo Staff To Hoist Red Banners At Offices To Demand Removal Of MD

The staff members of Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo) have crafted a series of industrial activities to drum home their demand for the removal of Managing Director, Mr Osmani Aludiba Ayuba.


This comes after demands for him to resign voluntarily or be removed by Board Members of the Company failed.


According to the staff, since he assumed office in July 2019, Mr Aludiba Ayuba has failed to bring progress on the financial sheets of the company, therefore, their demand for his removal.

“After more than three and a half (3 1/2) years in office, he has failed to help turn around the finances of NEDCo and hence can no longer continue to hold the high office of Managing Director.”

According to the staff, the net financial loss of NEDCo instead of improving has deteriorated from GHS315.398 million in 2018 to GHS392.406 million as of September 2022- making it impossible for the company to pay its suppliers and contractors.

They also accused the MD of lacking a clear and strategic plan for the company.

“The lack of an agreed strategic plan and direction for an ailing company like NEDCo has resulted in poor financial performance and HUGE expenditure on projects that have not yielded the desired results.”

In addition to that, they said the MD has spent over US$ 40 million since 2019 on projects- including the Supply and installation of 25,000 smart prepaid metres, Hexing System Upgrade, Supply and installation of 100,000 smart prepaid metres, Automatic Meter Reading and Boundary metre reading- which have not yielded the desired results.

They further blamed him for the company’s worsening distribution losses and inactions.

Following failed prompting to have him removed or willingly step down, the staff of the company have decided to unleash a series of industrial actions to compel Management to act on their demand.

“As a first step in pressing home our demand for the removal of Mr Osmani Ayuba as Managing Director of NEDCo, staff are hoisting red banners across all the Operational Areas in NEDCo including the service centres effective February 01, 2023. Leadership will initiate a number of labour actions to ensure that the resolution passed is enforced to the latter.”


Source: Fuseini

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