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My Presence At MTN Hitmaker Audition Scared Away Some Contestants-Derrickmusic

Derrick Agyei, populary known as Derrickmusic of Vodafone Icon and MTN Hitmaker reality shows has revealed he part-took in reality shows despite his confidence in himself for attention.

Speaking on Kumasefie on Opemsuo 104.7 fm with Mr. Black, he noted that he began his career in the music industry in 2016 and had no connections with prominent persons in the music industry.

He indicated that he wanted to get the attention of many and has succeeded at doing it.

“I didn’t know anyone when I entered into the industry and I wanted to capture people’s attention especially the big big people in the industry. I wanted people to know that I exist and I’m from Kumasi. I wanted to prove to them that Kumasi also has artists who are internationally oriented. Our music industry seems to be based in Accra and it is not just Accra that music resides but in every part in Ghana. I wanted people to notice me and it worked”, he said.

Narrating his journey into the reality shows, he revealed many people who had an encounter with him at the auditions of Vodafone Icon were driven away by his presence at the MTN Hitmaker audition.

“I had the chance to join Vodafone Icon in 2018 but got evicted during the semi-finals. I got intimidated by the outfit and the voice of some people during the audition. I had a very old guitar then and I was poorly dressed. I didn’t rehearse as some people were doing there but those who had heard of me were confident in me but those who never knew me underestimated me. As I was filling my form, I heard someone singing the same song I had planned to sing and even got applauds from the judges. I decided to sing that same song but with what I’ve got. Appietus and the rest of the judges were surprised when I told them I was representing Bantama. I sang on a higher note compared to what the first performer had done. I got selected to go into the reality show”, he recounted.

“In 2019 I joined MTN Hitmaker. That was another tough competition. I succeeded till the quarter finals. The first audition was at the Mall and the number of people who came was over 5,000. I met about 3,000 people there at 6:30 am. Some of the people I met during the Vodafone Icon audition came for this one too. When they saw me they lamented that they weren’t going to get selected because of me. Some of them left and I was surprised. I got the approval of all three judges and proceeded to the semi finales for the audition in Accra where my name was first to be mentioned among the selected”, he proudly said.

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Source: Fuseini

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