‘My Fellows In The Creative Art Industry Should Be Rest Assured’- Mark Okraku Mantey

Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mr. Mark Okraku Mantey has indicated five key problems in the sector and has assured stakeholders of the policies and plans in place to counter them.
Speaking at the Minister’s stakeholders engagement, Mr. Okraku outlined policies, infrastructure, marketing, pension and knowledge as the loopholes in the sector, some of which he said have already been settled.
“Some time ago, we sought for a law to regulate our creative art industry. We now have the Creative Art Act. We also have the National Film Authority headed by our very own Juliet Asante. We now have a regulator and its office. So for policy, we have it in place. “
“We will look at infrastructure. We have began renovation of one threatre here (Centre for National Culture). The sector Minister has charged me with a monthly visit to this place to monitor development in the structures and report on it. We plan to make this place a traditional mall. This place will become a multi purpose avenue.”
“Marketing is another problem. We are deliberating whether to sell our products by analogue or digital. We are considering all the disadvantages.”
“Knowledge is another problem I have recognized. It runs through those in the cultural, creative and tourism industries. For instance with regards to customer service, not many have it. The sector Minister has announced a stimulus package for all associations to put together training sessions for their members. Most of the associations find themselves in legal suits because we don’t have the requisite knowledge on how to work together. If we don’t acquire knowledge we will establish hundreds of associations and they will all become defunct. We now have a creative art school at Kwadaso to train us.”
“Pension scheme is the last problem. What insurance have we ruled in for retirement?”
He urged stakeholders to be rest assured that their pleas will be resolved.
“The President appointed me to this position because he (the President) said, ‘Mark you know the problem in the industry and a lot of people are recommending you for this position and I know you can help resolve it.”
“My fellows in the Creative Art Industry, be rest assured. I have a track record from where I began. I haven’t changed. All we need is the support from the industry”, he noted.
Source: Opemsuo.com/Hajara Fuseini

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