April 14, 2022

Ministry Of Energy: ECG Has Lost ¢3.2 Billion Since 2017

The Ministry of Energy has disclosed the Electricity Company Of Ghana (ECG) has made a loss of ¢3.2 billion since the year 2017.

The losses include commercial losses, technical losses, system losses, and collection losses.

Data from the ECG indicates that between 2017 to 2021, the ECG’s commercial losses stand at ¢2,879,100,614.00, technical losses stand at ¢6,116,538,674.98, system losses stand ¢8,995,639,288.99, collection losses stand ¢4,125,000,000 .

All the losses, the Minister said, amount to ¢3.2 billion.

For 2021, technical loss was ¢653,005,265.40, commercial loss was ¢1,785,104,205.06, system loss was ¢2,438,109,470.47, and Commercial loss was ¢1,537,880,000.00.

At a presser, the Minister for Energy, Matthew Opoku Prempeh noted that the ECG has put in place an enterprise resource planning system to ensure accountability for energies generated in some areas in the country.

As part of measures to ensure loss reduction, the ECG and NEDCO have put in place a Metre Management system that ensures remote and early detection of faults within the transmission system, Opoku Prempeh stated.

“We have a Geographic Information System to ensure that location of problems, inventory, and stuff needed in particular areas are monitored.”

Additionally, he said the National Revenue Tax force is working to ensure that the amount of money ECG receives in collection commensurate with the energy it produces.

According to the Minister, the losses are due to inability to pay, unwillingness to pay, or power theft on the part of the consumers.

Source: opemsuo.com/Hajara Fuseini

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