Life Living Records (Asakaa Boys) Withdraw From 3 Music Awards Scheme

Life Living Records is a talent hub based in Kumasi which oversees all operations linking to O’Kenneth , Reggie, Sean Lifer, Jay Bahd, City Boy, Kwaku DMC, Bra Benk and Raaby Jones. Public Relations Officer of the entity , Benk Moni has released a press statement to address an issue pertaining to nominations made by 3 Music Awards and intentions of pulling out from the scheme.

Below is the Press Statement




Upon sober reflections and thorough deliberations with the camp , the outfit of life living records (ASAKAA-KUMERICANS)wishes to announce its disinterest to be part of the Ghana 3music awards indefinitely and respectfully beseech the  scheme to take off any project or artistes from the camp out of   nomination list ..

They however appreciate  the attempted recognition by these enviable schemes yet expresses thorough dissatisfaction and disappointment over the poor and degrading review of their works and artistes on their major influence on the creative industry in Ghana particularly with 3music awards.

LIFE LIVING  finds certain nominations and category under which their projects and artistes are placed demeaning, insulting and a disrespect to their brand and camp and will not countenance or accept this humiliation in any way.

LIFE LIVING didn’t confirm or acknowledge  any official receipt of mails in connection with the the nominations in question before its official out-dooring hence fails to accept their nominations without prior information on the specific categories.

LIFE LIVING emphasises on the poor review of their works and projects and it’s  diaspora (global) influence and disapproves any attempt to belittle their effort of keeping the Ghana music industry alive the year under review with demeaning nominations hence lashes on the poor assessment by scheme’s board on their impact as a record label and their artistes.

LIFE LIVING wishes to state  through the concerns of KUMERICANS that #KUMERICA as a fan army as described and nominated by the scheme should be withdrawn as it puts the whole regional movement in same  basket with artistes fanbase.

KUMERICA is bigger than the category under which it has been captured and the camp fails to accept the nomination of #KUMERICA as a fan army since this can create a narrative contrary to the actual rationale and purpose behind the movement.

LIFE LIVING RECORDS will wish to  define  the status and grading of its artistes in the industry  according to their impact ,fan acceptance and  global recognition and on record,  the camp ie( O’KENNETH, REGGIE, SEAN LIFER,JAYBHAD, CITY BOY. KWAKUDMC,BRA BENK , RAABY JONES does not subject its artistes to the industry’s artistes grading system as “A-list” , “mainstream, ” breakthrough, ,unsung or next rated ….

  It’s focus is geared towards a “game-changers” agendum and will not succumb to a tag that does not commensurate or represent the actual status of  their artistes and vision as a record label.

” Finally, LIFE LIVING  records regardless of its position on these awards schemes wishes all its colleague KUMERICAN artistes involved well in projecting the city in their respective ways possible since the common agenda is to “Empower the city” …

Signed :                              BENK MONI



Source: dcleakers.com

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