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Leader of Western ‘Togolanders’ re-arrested

The founder of the Western Togoland group and octogenarian Charles Komi Kudzordzi, known as Papavi Kudzordzi, has been arrested after months of been on the run.
The Homeland Study Group Foundation leader has been on wanted list after the the secessionist group had organized a convention in the Volta regional capital Ho.
‘President’ Papavi and eight others were first arrested in May 2019 and flown to Accra for calling for a secession.
The state dropped charges against him later.
A Ho District Court on November 20, 2019 ordered the arrest of Mr Kudzordzi and two others over their unlawful declaration that they have separated from Ghana and that they are now a sovereign state.
This was after five other members of the group were remanded for treason after they took part in the activity which announced those parts independent and therefore now called Western Togoland.
Sources within the secessionist group tells Tv3, the 80 year old was picked up by bni and national security persons on Wednesday night from his hideout in Ho.
Source: 3News

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