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Lawyer Adofo Warns of Serious Repercussions on Quayson Following S.C Ruling

In the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling against Assin North Parliamentarian James Gyakye Quayson, Kumasi-based private legal practitioner Kwame Adofo has issued a stark warning. Adofo cautions that the court’s decision to remove Quayson from the House may have far-reaching implications beyond his parliamentary seat.

After a two-year legal battle initiated by Michael Ankamah Nimfah, who challenged the eligibility of Gyakye Quayson, the Supreme Court has declared the MP’s victory unconstitutional.

The court affirmed that at the time of filing his nomination with the Electoral Commission, Gyakye Quayson still held Canadian citizenship, contravening Article 94(2)(a) of the 1992 Constitution.

Lawyer Kwame Adofo, in an interview with Opemsuo News, expressed concerns over the potential consequences for Gyakye Quayson. He specifically highlighted the issue of the salaries the MP has received during his tenure, questioning the legality of his actions.

Adofo stated, “Someone who is deemed inexistent and disqualified by the Supreme Court, what about the salaries he has been taking in the last two years as a Parliamentarian? It means he has stolen from the government and could face serious charges if brought before the court.”

Drawing attention to a precedent, Adofo referenced the case of the late Adamu Sakande, who was imprisoned in 2012 for holding dual citizenship after winning the Bawku Central seat in the 2008 elections.

Adofo emphasized that the Constitution clearly states that individuals disqualified from contesting parliamentary elections due to dual citizenship should not hold allegiance to any other country apart from Ghana.

By highlighting the Sakande case, Adofo underscores the importance of Gyakye Quayson’s awareness of his disqualification. The legal practitioner asserts that Gyakye Quayson should have been aware that holding dual citizenship renders one ineligible to run for parliamentary elections in Ghana.

As the repercussions of the Supreme Court ruling unfold, the issue of parliamentary salaries received by Gyakye Quayson remains a point of contention. Lawyer Kwame Adofo’s concerns shed light on the potential legal consequences that may arise from his actions, creating further uncertainty for the embattled MP.


Story by George Addo

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