Kumawood is the Backbone of Ghana’s Movie Industry – Lil Win

Amidst ongoing debates about the quality of productions in the Kumawood movie industry, a prominent figure has stepped forward to defend its significance in Ghana’s cinematic landscape.

Renowned filmmaker and actor, Lil Win, known for his contributions to Kumawood, has spoken out about the industry’s impact. In a recent interview with Mac De President on Opemsuo Radio’s Oseikrom Kwanso, he emphasized the vital role Kumawood plays in the Ghanaian movie scene, challenging perceptions of its quality.

“Since day one, people have always thought that Kumawood doesn’t produce quality content. But Kumawood is the backbone of the Ghana movie industry. Kumawood movies, especially those infused with comedy, bring joy to people’s lives and alleviate stress.”

Addressing criticisms of Kumawood’s productions, Lil Win defended the industry’s capabilities, asserting, “They doubted our work, but this (A Country Called Ghana) proves that Kumawood is capable of producing high-quality films. We have the talent and resources to create movies that rival productions from other African countries.”

Highlighting the significance of his latest project, Lil Win expressed confidence in the quality of “A Country Called Ghana.”

“So they doubted my work. This proves that the challenge with Kumawood is about money. We can do work that will be better than other African movies.  No movie quality equals my movie ‘A Country Called Ghana,’ this movie is replacing ‘I Told You So,’ the movie we always talk about.”

Lil Win’s latest movie, “A Country Called Ghana,” is set to premiere in Kumasi after its recent premiere in Accra. The venue is  KNUST CCB Auditorium on Saturday, May 25, 2024.

The premiere will commence with a red carpet at 6:00 p.m whilst the movie premiere itself is scheduled for 8:00 p.m. Standard tickets are priced at GHC200, while VIP tickets are available for GHC500.

Story by Adwoa S. Danso

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