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Join the Historic Silver Jubilee Celebration Of Santehene; Derrick Offe Jr Writes

Like his king before him, he was born to wield the ultimate power of the Asantes, power bestowed upon him by the very gods of the land.

For half a jubilee, he has ruled his people with sheer grace and unparalleled wisdom. It has been 25 years since the erstwhile Barima Kwaku Duah, by custom, assumed a new name, effectively making him the single most powerful figure on the Asante land: Otumfuo Osei TutuII.

But with such power comes unfathomable responsibility. When he took up the sword and swore allegiance to the Golden Stool as the 16th Asantehene on April 26, 1999, he set himself on the path towards making the Asante Kingdom an analogous to none. Years later, the Kingdom remains a beacon of rich tradition, unmatched by any and emulated by all.

By every stroke of reckoning, this year holds palpable significance for all who hold affinity to the Manhyia Crown and, as such, is expected to exhibit a vested interest in the activities that lie within this annus mirabilis.

An occasion earmarked to celebrate the reign of the overlord of the Asante Kingdom ought to be met with all the urgency and zest it deserves; anything short of this is tantamount to irreverence.

Let it be known throughout the Kingdom and beyond that the Occupant of the Golden stool, HRM Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, he who sits at the highest seat of command with his feet atop the lion, celebrates a silver jubilee upon the throne.

No matter how daunting the task seemed at the beginning of his ascension, there was never a doubt of the acumen he possessed to be equal to the task – it is safe to say now that if ever there were any doubts, they are long diminished.

Mark your calendars, acquaint yourselves with the program lineup of this epochal celebration, and in doing so, bask in the glory accompanied by the knowledge of being a royal to Krobea Asante Kotoko Hene.

Vivat Rex!

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